It is a seat for shunning ego and deriving wisdom. The Uthamarkovil near Tiruchi is distinct in several aspects: it is often described as a unique ‘Trimurthi sthalam' housing all the three Lords – Brahma, Vishnu and Siva along with their Consorts. It is also known as Karambanur, Kadambavanam, Adhimapuram and so on but the temple is popularly known as ‘Uthmarkovil' and ‘Bikshandarkovil'

The ‘Sapthaguru' or seven forms of Guru at this temple have been aptly christened with a specific idol dedicated to each of the form. Thus, Lord Dakshinamurthy represents Sri Sadasiva Guru or Sri Siva Guru; Lord Brahma represents Sri Brahma Guru; Sri Soundarya Parvathy stands for Sri Sakthi Guru; Sri Brahaspathy assumes the form of Sri Deva Guru; Sri Varadarajaperumal is called Sri Vishnu Guru; Sri Subramanyar as Sri Gnana Guru; and Sri Sukrachariar as Sri Asura Guru.

The term ‘dakshin' denotes the southern direction. It also stands for ‘eternal wisdom above ego'. Lord Dakshinamurthy faces south in all the temples.

At Uthamarkovil, all seven forms of deities, except Sri Asura Guru, face south, indicating their role as ‘Guru'. Sri Asura Guru, in conformity with the ‘Navagraha' alignment, faces east.

Each deity or ‘Guru' protects human race. Sri Siva Guru with Chinmudra and Abhayahastham on the right hand and varadham' in the left hand, blesses the devotees at this shrine.

With fire-pot in the upper left hand, the Lord carries in the right hand the udukkai' standing for ‘wisdom'. A row of saints including Sanakar, Sananandar, Sanakumarar and Brahmaputrar are at the lower pedestal of Lord.

Below the feet, an Asura, ‘Abasmaran' can be seen. Lord Siva Guru at this shrine stands for the philosophy that the eternal soul cannot be destroyed in any manner but only the form of a body accommodating the soul changes. The evil forces are kept at bay.

Lord Siva in his ‘tiruvilaiyadal' as Sri Bikshadanar at this temple signifies the importance of giving up ego. Sri Bikshadanar carries a bowl in one hand seeking ‘bikshai' or alms and possesses a blade of grass in the other. The alms indicates the ego while the grass stands for Lord's blessings.

Sri Soundarya Parvathy or Sri Sakthi Guru with Abhayahastham has Sri Chakram at Her feet. Sri Deva Guru and Sri Asura Gura are located in the ‘Navagraha' shrine.

A large number of devotees throng the temple every Thursday, considered auspices for offering worship to Lord Dakshinamurthy.