M. Balaganessin

PUDUKOTTAI: Efforts are being taken to digitize all the rare collections of books available in a private library ‘Gnanalaya’ here. The library, started in the 1960s with a small collection, is presently housed in an exclusive building specially designed with aeration and lighting facility for the conservation of books.

The rare collections include a wide range of books from the Sangam literature to the ‘Sathuragarathi’ by Veerama Munivar (published in 1842).

Run by the couple B. Krishnamurthy and Dorothy Krishnamurthy, the library boasts of a collection of 40,000 titles. They said that steps were being taken to digitize the books in co-ordination with the Bangalore-based Vadamalai Media Group. The Chairman of the Group, V. Isvaramurti, visited the library recently.