Students of Setupati Higher Secondary School had a chance to see glimpses of history of the Indian freedom movement and major events in the life of Mahatma Gandhi through a series of documentary films.

Films Division of India (FDI), Madurai, coming under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, organised the event in connection with Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. S. Chandran, Branch Manager, FDI-Madurai, said that the films were chosen to give a ‘visual idea’ of the freedom movement and the life of Gandhi to the current generation. The films that were screened include, ‘Dawn of Gandhian Era,’ a 21-minute documentary on the freedom struggle during the period of 1917 to 1919, when Gandhi literally took the freedom struggle on the way towards liberation.

‘Gandhiji - An Emerging Reality,’ a 36-minute documentary, focused on truth, love, chastity, dietary practices, equality of mankind, and man’s duty to serve his neighbour, principles the Mahatma had set for himself.

‘Then Came Gandhi,’ a 21-minute documentary, documented Gandhi’s arrival from South Africa and his foray into political life (1915-1917).

Another film, ‘Quit India 1939-42,’ talked about the Second World War and the Quit India resolution passed by Indian National Congress in August, 1942. ‘Gandhiji through the Eyes of the Cartoonists,’ was a 10-minute documentary on the life of Mahatma Gandhi through the eyes of cartoonists.

‘Martyrdom of Mahatma,’ captured events that took place just before India got independence.