Special Correspondent

Concert features the band Roxygen

  • Funds for Asthma Foundation of India
  • "Asthma pushed to the back burner"

    CHENNAI: To sing, they say, you need to have good lungs. When these guys sing, it will be so that others can have better lungs! At a musical event, `Nostalgia 60s and 70s', to be held on November 24, singers will perform to raise funds for the Asthma Foundation of India, which works to spread asthma awareness.

    The concert, featuring the band Roxygen, with Keith Peters, Jim Sathya, Sudhin Prabhakar, Christy Samuel, Timothy Madhukar, Suresh Peters and Maynard Grant along with Sunitha Sarathy, Swapna Abraham, David Pascal and Arjun Thomas, will be held at the Music Academy Friday evening.

    AFI managing trustee Raj B. Singh said, "We need financial assistance on an ongoing basis to enable us to reach out to more people needing health care and to sustain it in the long run." He explained that non-communicable respiratory diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, instertitial lung disease and lung cancer were on the rise, along with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, in India.

    With the government focussed on containing infectious diseases like TB, diseases like asthma and COPD have been pushed to the back burner only because they are non-infectious and treatment is expensive, he said. Also, it is widely believed that these diseases affect only the affluent and the elderly, that they arise solely because of freely-acquired risks and their control is ineffective, too expensive and should wait until infectious diseases are addressed.

    The AFI, a private charitable trust, was founded in 1998 to create awareness about asthma and to help in the treatment and management of patients suffering from asthma. Tickets, priced at Rs.1000, Rs.500 and Rs.250 are available at the AFI office, Anna Nagar (26193009), Landmark, Musee Musicals, Anna Salai, or with Gopi Nair (93819 11977/ 26423016) till Thursday. On Friday, tickets will be available only at the venue.