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Preventive measures to be adopted discussed

MADURAI: In an effort to spread an awareness of the preventive measures to be adopted with regard to A (H1N1) Influenza (swine flu), the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s Directorate of Field Publicity (DOP) inaugurated an awareness camp on Monday at Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre here.

The DOP after conducting similar camps in Vellore, Tirunelveli and Coimbatore has taken this effort to spread the awareness about the preventive measures to be adopted. The camp, which runs between Monday and Friday, covers 13 blocks in the district and has 32 programmes.

Explaining the aim of the camp, A. Chandramohan, Field Publicity Officer, said that the camp largely tries to educate people about on the Influenza, how it spreads and what are the preventive measures to be adopted through small posters and notices which carry information with pictures.

Apart from this, street theatre performances by Music and Arts Troupe of the Central Government would also be held among the public to have a wider reach.

The camp It was inaugurated by K.S.K.Rajendran, MLA Madurai West, in the presence of S. Sebastine, Corporation Commissioner, Madurai Corporation. Mr.Rajendran in his speech said that the changing food culture and consumption practices have had resulted in the spread of many diseases as there was is a failure on the part of the body to develop immunity. He also opined that leading a spiritual life like those of our ancestors would be a panacea.

Mr. Sebastine, also stated that maintaining good hygiene supported by clean habits were was essential for prevention of the flu. I. Chandrasekaran, Dean (in-charge), Government Rajaji Hospital, also spoke on the essence of maintaining cleanliness.

V.N. Rajasekharan, Medical Director, said that the flu is dangerous because there is no medicine to cure the disease and could only be prevented so adoption of the measures was essential.

T. Mangayarkarasi, District Project officer, Integrated Child Development Scheme, Madurai, also spoke. Anaganwadi workers from across the district and members of the public participated.