Staff Reporter

PONDICHERRY: Perhaps for the first time, 15 schoolchildren from Pondicherry will participate in a painting competition on an airplane.

They will be flying from Chennai to Bangalore by the 10.30 a.m. flight from Meenambakkam Airport on the morning of April 21, Friday. During the flight, they will be colouring a drawing of a boy carrying the National Flag and wearing a cap that also has the flag.

According to A.B. Ibert of the Pondicherry State Artists Society, the competition was made possible with help from Bonjour Bonheur Forex Spot Ltd. on Kosakadai Street and Sahara Airlines, who are flying the children.

This is the first time that these children will be flying in an airplane. "The children can complete the colouring in 20 minutes and enjoy the flight during the remaining 25 minutes," he added.

Since there are only 15 students 9 boys and 6 girls there will be no prizes but certificates and mementos for all. The children will return to Pondicherry by road by Friday night.

The organisers are planning a second trip in the first week of May with 30 students.

The artists society has organised several competitions including painting competitions on running trains from Pondicherry to Villupuram, `kolam' competitions and tailoring competitions.