L. Renganathan

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited's initiative to help students on career opportunities

KARUR: To sensitise the students, those in school as well as those who have completed schooling, on the opportunities available aplenty in various fields of activity, the public sector giant Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL), Kagithapuram, in Karur has set up a Centre for Career Development.

To mark the launch of the Centre, an exhibition on career opportunities was conducted recently.

"The main concept is to prepare the students, especially the downtrodden from the rural areas, to face the competitive held," outlines the Managing Director, TNPL, V. Murthy.

Career opportunities are waiting to be grabbed only that the candidates have to know about them.

Once the candidate and the career are linked or identified properly, then progress of every individual is just round the corner, he adds.

The Centre, which has germinated just now, hopes to gradually expand its social and educational activities to cover wider fields in the days to come. "We would be talking to higher educational institutions such as the Bharathidasan University, besides roping in the services of the Directorate of Employment and Training (in the form of Employment Exchanges) to synergise our strength and be of improved use to the younger generation," says Mr. Murthy.


The Assistant Director of Employment, Suresh Kumar, who participated in the career exhibition, observed there was no such thing as unemployment but only that every body should prepare themselves to employ a few others.

The employment exchanges have long changed with the times to be centres of career prospects and furtherance, he pointed out.

Mr. Murthy also said that the Centre has plans to come out with a question bank for competitive examinations for the benefit of students as also a booklet on career opportunities.

Target groups

The target groups of the Centre are students at the school level, those who have completed schooling and those who hold a professional degree or diploma. The Centre would function from the TNPL Matriculation School.