The Mahila Court here has awarded seven years of rigorous imprisonment to deputy manager of a private finance firm for abetting the suicide of a woman.

According to prosecution, Sundararajan (38) of Tirunelveli Town availed loan from a private finance company and purchased an autorickshaw on July 9, 2008 after paying the down payment of Rs. 43,500. Though Mr. Sundararajan repaid the loan regularly for 14 months, he could not repay the loan for a few months owing to a range of reasons.

Subsequently, finance firm deputy manager V. Parthiban (31) of Nettoor near Alangulam came to Mr. Sundararajan’s house on October 18, 2010, seized the vehicle’s key from the borrower and left the spot. However, Mr. Sundrarajan managed to start the autorickshaw and continued his business.

Agitated over this, Mr. Parthiban came to the borrower’s house again and allegedly scolded Sundararjan’s wife S. Sumathi (36) as her husband had gone out with the vehicle.

Upset over this, Sumathi allegedly consumed poison the same day and died in the hospital on October 19, 2010.

Tirunelveli Town police filed a case in this connection and arrested Mr. Parthiban for allegedly abetting the lady’s suicide.

Mahila Court Judge Devasahayam who awarded seven years rigorous imprisonment to Parthiban on Thursday also slapped a fine of Rs. 7,000 on him.