A seven-member gang of youngsters allegedly involved in many criminal activities in the past has been arrested with fire arms and sickles near Wallajah on Thursday.

According to the police, they intercepted the car in which the gang was travelling at Keelputhupettai junction near Wallajah during a routine vehicle check.

As the occupants contradicted each other while enquiring, the police searched the vehicle and found four guns, bullets, a laptop and sickles. The gang allegedly confessed that they were indeed bound to kill a person. Then, they were taken to Wallajah police station and the police found that they were all involved in many other cases of crime and some of them were detained under Goondas Act too.

Those arrested has been identified as, P. Manikandan (32), R. Vinothkumar (24), M. Ramkumar (24), S. Vinothkumar (22), G. Arumugam (25), S. Jaiganesh (28), all belonging to Chennai and S. Venkatesan (37) of Balakrishnapuram near Wallajah.