Gold jewellery weighing over 50 sovereigns were stolen from a woman in a bus near Chennai Central station on Friday night.

Periamet police said Sunanda Vishenraj Oswal (49), a resident of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, had come with her husband to Chennai on Friday morning to attend the wedding of a relative.

Speaking to The Hindu , Sunanda said she and her husband had planned to stay here for a few more days but decided to leave on Friday night as their daughter-in-law in Ratnagiri was unwell.

“Around 10.30 p.m., we went to Chennai Central to board a bus to Bangalore en route to Ratnagiri. I got inside the bus to find seats, while my husband was getting our luggage loaded. I got a call on my mobile phone,” she said.

As there was no network, Sunanda tried to get off the bus. “A man then pushed past me, and three women came after me and blocked my way. Shortly afterwards, I realised my handbag had been cut open and my jewellery box was missing,” said Ms. Sunanda, crying.

The box contained three gold necklaces, four bangles and two earrings, weighing over 50 sovereigns. It also had a watch.

Sunanda has lodged a complaint and Periamet police are investigating.