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A propaganda van toured various parts of the district to create AIDS awareness

PUDUKOTTAI: The weeklong special campaign organised by the Rotary Club of Pudukottai to create awareness of AIDS among the people concluded on Tuesday.

As the part of a campaign a propaganda van, sponsored jointly by the AIDS Prevention And Control project (APAC - VHS), National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), United States Agency International Development (USAID) and the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Pudukottai, toured various parts of the district.

With a motto of `Communication on Wheels', the van reached many villages.

With over 80 slides on display, the campaign aimed at making people aware of the basic information on sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and AIDS.

There were slides that listed the preventive measures and required medical assistance for the affected.

"This was aimed at targeting people even from remote villages who are hesitant to discuss their problem and who are even unaware of it," said the president of the Rotary Club, S. Prithiviraj. In each place, a minimum of two STD-affected persons and one HIV positive person was identified.

The highest was at Sempatti with over 50 STD cases tested in a single day, he added.

The van covered villages including Keeranur, Mathur, Viralimalai and Pudukottai town.