N. Mahalingam, with milestones to his credit in diverse fields, is someone youth of the day could emulate, R. Gokulakrishnan, former Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court, has said.

The 90th birthday of the veteran industrialist was celebrated on Wednesday, when the third edition of his biography, ‘A Living Legend' was also released.

Mr. Gokulakrishnan said Mr. Mahalingam had made tremendous contributions in the field of politics, education and literature and had deep knowledge in a variety of subjects. Ibrahim Alladin, author of the book and International Education Advisor, Canada, said the book was a result of over 15 years of research and close association with Dr. Mahalingam.

“I happened to meet Mr. Mahalingam on my visit to educational institutions in Tamil Nadu. I was impressed by the ideas put forward by Mr. Mahalingam on topics in philosophy, politics, and social issues.

“Though many of his ideas may be controversial, he has offered solution to many global issues”, Mr. Alladin said. Swami Sidbhavanandar Ashram, Theni, said future generation would a good role model in Dr. Mahalingam.