A woman and two of her accomplices, including the driver of an autorickshaw she owned, were arrested in connection with the murder of a 47-year-old man in Gowl Bazaar near Pallavaram a few days ago.

 A. Kumar of Nandanam was found with his head smashed in by rock on Saturday morning. Their only clue was the word ‘saradha’ tattooed on the victim’s hand. They pasted posters with the photo of the victim and Saradha, Kumar’s wife, approached the police. After establishing his identity, his body was handed over to her.

 Police suspected Saradha’s role in the murder as she was very close to a man, Mohan and Kumar had often quarrelled with her over this. Investigations established that Saradha and Mohan plotted the murder and that the latter, with the help of Suresh, the driver of an autorickshaw killed him.