A total of 2,420 long pending cases were settled through a Mega Lok Adalat held in the combined court complex here recently.

On the whole, dispute claims to the tune of Rs.67.95 lakh were settled to the clients after speedy disposal of cases.

About 2,333 out of the total 2,500 criminal offences were cleared and the claims to the tune of Rs.17.19 lakh were settled.

Accident claims

Similarly, 63 of 250 accident claim cases were settled and Rs.50.75 lakh was settled to litigants and 24 out of 60 civil suits were cleared in the Adalat.

The Adalat had taken up 2,810 cases for hearing.

District Judge T.K. Murugan, Chief Judicial Magistrate P. Murugambal, District Judge (Training) A. Santhakumar, Sub Court Judge K. Venkatasamy, Additional Sub Court Judge K. Subramanian, Palani Sub Court Judge L. Thambusamy, Civil Court Judges Suresh Kumar and V. Jothi Vino and judges V. Deepa, N. Arunachalam, V. Anandhan and M. Murthy and seven judicial magistrates conducted the Adalat.