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Total requirement for 3,566 polling stations

will be 12,000

There will be 1,295 polling stations in Tirupur district

Coimbatore: Collector V. Palanikumar has announced that there would be 2,271 polling stations in Coimbatore and 1,295 polling stations in Tirupur district. Speaking at a meeting of heads of departments to review the preparedness for elections recently, he said that every polling station would have a presiding officer and three polling staff.

Hence, the total requirement for 3,566 polling stations would be 12,000.

Government departments

As far as State Government departments were concerned the staff was being drafted from Education, Agriculture and Revenue.

As far as Central Government departments were concerned staff could be drafted from postal and telecommunications department.

Poll duties

The Election Commission has accorded sanction to draft personnel from any department irrespective of the Governments to which they belonged to.

Priority was being accorded for those who had turned up for poll duties earlier. He said that the form given to the staff turning up for poll duty has 17 mandatory fields.