T.S. Shankar

CHENNAI: The Highways Department plans to widen and strengthen 153 roads, covering 440 km, and 130 major district roads, to a length of 471 km, at an estimated cost of Rs.230 crore under the Comprehensive Road Infrastructure Development Programme.

Highways Secretary K. Allaudin told The Hindu on Thursday that tenders would be called for during the first and second week of March. "We are committed to upgrading and developing the road sector keeping pace with the information technology explosion not only in Chennai but in Tier II and Tier III cities in the State," Mr. Allaudin said.

A high-level bridge across the Vellar at Thittakudi in Mangalore would be constructed at a cost of Rs.3.15 crore.

Work on widening and strengthening 1,079 km of State Highways, 1,390 km of major district roads and 1,354 km of other district roads and construction of 50 bridges, at a total cost of Rs.723 crore, was under way.