Tiruchendur to get the security system in the next phase

Speed dome cameras have been installed at 15 vital installations in Tuticorin to increase surveillance in public interest.

At the District Police Office, Superintendent of Police J. Rajendran inaugurated a modern CCTV camera control room, to monitor using the technologically advanced surveillance method, on Saturday.

The state-of-the-art equipments were put up to further regulate traffic.

During the demonstration of the CCTV at the control room, he said the entire happenings on roads at prime locations, where the security system was installed, could be accessed.

With the existence of cameras, activities happening within 24-kilometre radius could be screened. Not only for monitoring traffic flow, but to keep track of crime occurrences or unlawful incidents, which could derail law and order in the city, the system would help in alerting the police to punish the guilty instantly, he said.

Images could also be zoomed through cameras for a 500-metre distance. Two personnel with technical expertise had been deputed in the control room.

With increased surveillance round-the-clock, captured footage of any incident like hit-and-run, road safety violation, element of rowdyism or any other act harming public interest, could be monitored through CCTVs at SP’s office as well as Special Police cell.

To track down any vehicle used for smuggling or other illegal purposes, registration numbers of such vehicles could be traced by zooming through the cameras, which would certainly prove evidential.


To alert the police during emergency, the SP said the footage would be accessed through his laptop and cell phone compatible with applications designed by Vision O India, the service provider. The footage would be recorded for a period of 30 days.

As a crime fighting tool, it would help the police to identify any anti-social element.

In the next phase, Tiruchendur, a famous pilgrimage site, would be equipped with such effective security systems.

Plans were also afoot to cover the entire district with surveillance cameras, Mr. Rajendran added.