The 108 Emergency Management Services (EMS) has handled 39,457 emergencies in Vellore district from the launch of the Tamil Nadu government initiative in the district on December 31, 2008, till October 2010.

According to a release from the EMS, the emergencies handled till October comprised 12,641 pregnancy cases, 11,592 road traffic accident cases and 1,645 cardiac cases. In October 2010 alone, the service handled 2,479 emergency cases. The EMS operates from 20 base locations in the district, namely, Alangayam, Ambur, Arakkonam, Arcot, Bagayam, Gudiyatham, Kalavai, Katpadi, Kaveripakkam, Melpadi, Natrampalli, Pallikonda, Pernambut, Pudurnadu, Sathuvachari, Sholinghur, Tirupattur, Vaniyambadi, Veppankuppam and Yelagiri Hills.

The Arcot location accounted for the largest number of 168 emergency calls in October, followed by 163 in Vaniyambadi, 151 in Tirupattur, 147 in Veppankuppam, 145 in Pallikonda, 144 each in Ambur and Gudiyatham, 140 in Bagayam, 128 each in Katpadi, Kaveripakkam and Pernambut, 117 in Sathuvachari, 115 in Kalavai, 111 in Melpadi, 100 in Natrampalli, 92 in Alangayam, 58 in Pudurnadu and 52 in Yelagiri Hills.

Taking into account the figures from the beginning of the initiative in 2008 till October 2010, the Arcot location accounted for the largest number of 2,887 emergency calls, followed by 2,843 in Tirupattur, 2,825 in Gudiyatham, 2,779 in Bagayam, 2,737 in Vaniyambadi, 2,598 in Pallikonda, 2,412 in Veppankuppam, 2,264 in Arakkonam, 2,123 in Katpadi, 2,111 in Sathuvachari, 2,096 in Ambur, 1,722 in Melpadi, 1,673 in Alangayam, 1,414 in Pernambut, 1,238 in Kaveripakkam, 1,142 in Kalavai, 1,053 in Natrampalli, 1,046 in Pudurnadu and 472 in Yelagiri Hills.

With 20 ambulances functioning in Vellore district, the 108 service made four trips per ambulance per day in October. A total of 220 deliveries were performed in the ambulance during the month. Besides, the 108 service handled 38 police emergencies and two fire emergencies in October.