Kokilambiga Samedha Thirukameeswarar temple in Villianur has set up a website

The 1000-year-old Kokilambiga Samedha Thirukameeswarar temple in Villianur has set up a website which was launched by Chief Minister N. Rangasamy on Sunday. The story of the origin of the temple and the legend behind it are detailed in the website.

According to the website, the Chola King Dharmabala Chozhan, who ruled Kamalapuri, created the town of Villianur by converting a Vilwa forest, which was believed to have been planted by Brahma.

The website says, “Once, Lord Vishnu and Brahma wanted to establish their supremacy over the other and asked Shiva to decide the issue. Lord Shiva said that the one who would find His feet and crown would be the winner. Brahma played a trick and had to incur a curse. When Brahma prayed to Lord Shiva for the relief, he was advised to grow Vilwa trees on the banks of River Mutharu in the Thondaimandalam region and worship Lord Shiva for the release. Brahma followed the advice of Lord Shiva and was released from the curse.”

King Dharmabala Chozhan also constructed the Thirukameeswarar temple here. Legend has it that the king was cured of leprosy when he prayed at this temple

On the website, details of the renovation work that has taken place at the temple are listed, as well as ways to donate for future renovations and the Kumbabishekam.

“The idea of the website is to spread knowledge about the temple. The Thirukameeswarar temple is over 1000 years old and is one of the most important temples in the region. Many devotees who visit the temple want to know more details on when certain festivals fall or how they can contribute by way of donations. It is for this reason that the website was launched,” an official of the temple said.

As and when there is a need, new features will be launched on the website.

The temple welcomes comments and feedback on the website. These comments can be mailed toinfo@pudhuvaithirukamis


The temple website can be accessed through the portalwww.pudhuvaithirukam