A new breed of criminals in their teens having no past police record have become a problem for the police as well as citizens of the city.

Most of these youths are progenies of good families and at times also are part of good educational institutes. But their lure for easy money and exorbitant expenditure drags them to the world of crime. Some of them are also addicted to betting and gambling which increases their chances of getting used by criminal gang lords.

According to Berhampur Superintendent of Police (SP) the unchecked, unmonitored life style of youths is to be blamed for it. In recent past police have arrested several educated youths who had ventured into world of crime as their expenditure could not be fulfilled by the allowances provided by their parents.

Recently family of a Central Government employee in the city was shocked when people started knocking at their door demanding refund of loans taken by their teenager son. The total dues to be paid by the youth were over Rs. 1 lakh. This meek looking youth had lost the amount in gambling and betting related to cricket matches.

According to police officials, these youths do not have any past criminal records. Due to it they are being sought after by criminal gangs. Recently police busted a dacoity gang operating from a city. This gang had been formed by an educated youth with past criminal record who had become visually impaired when a bomb blasted in his hand. He had gathered up some other teenagers having no past police record but who were in search of easy money to meet their exorbitant expenses. In May an MBA student was found to the mastermind of a gang of dacoits who posed to be census officials for easy entry into houses in the city during day time. Addiction to gambling had got him entangled in a debt trap which compelled him to group up with other miscreants to plan up dacoities posing as enumerators of census process.

Usually these youths spend ill-gotten wealth on bikes, girl friends and expensive parties. Police officials blame the parents for not keeping track on the expenditure and changed habits of their sons. Most of the time these gullible parents are conned by the posed innocence of their sons who may be getting involved in criminal activity to meet his increased expenditure.