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Broadband facility elusive for many BSNL customers

  • Residents blame BSNL authorities for the situation
  • Expansion equipment made in 2006

    BERHAMPUR: Despite demand, customers in the city are unable to avail broadband Internet connections due to `short sightedness' of BSNL authorities.

    Persons, who have telephone connections through the main exchange of BSNL of the city, are unlikely to get broadband Internet connection during the current financial year. The higher-ups of BSNL in Orissa circle could not assess demand of broadband connectivity in this major city of south Orissa.

    Broadband facility started in Berhampur in August 2005 with a capacity of just 96 connections. Owing to large-scale demand, equipment expansion was made in June 2006. It enabled around 900 broadband connections in the city. At present there are around 700 broadband connections.

    Demand goes up

    Chittaranjan Mohapatra, deputy general manager of BSNL posted in Berhampur said, "Initially due to high pricing of broadband there was a feeling that there would be a fewer customers for it in Berhampur. But with the cheap home-plan broadband became a household name, its demand increased."

    Sunil Rath, an inhabitant of the city, says it only speaks of short-sightedness of BSNL authorities as Berhampur and its periphery has five technical institutions and a medical college, whose students are potential broadband customers apart from additional home users.

    Mr. Mohapatra is hopeful that the broadband capacity of the city will be doubled in future. But it is not going to happen in the current financial year. Equipments needed for increasing ports for new broadband connections will reach Berhampur BSNL office in the new financial year for its instalment.