Upon his elevation to the Bench of the Supreme Court of India, Chief Justice C. Nagappan was given a warm send off by the members of Orissa High Court Bar Association here on Monday.

A Presidential warrant of appointment of the new judge of the Supreme Court arrived here this afternoon, HC sources said adding that the Justice Nagappan is likely to join the Bench of the Apex Court in New Delhi on September 19.

Replying to the felicitation he was given here, Justice Nagappan said his seven-month tenure here in Odisha was very comfortable and he profusely thanked the members of the Bench and Bar of Orissa High Court for giving him both mental and physical comforts.

Beginning his legal career in Madras after obtaining a law degree about four decades ago, Justice Nagappan was elevated to the Madras High Court in September 2000 and continued in the same capacity till he was appointed as Chief Justice of Orissa High Court on February 27 this year.

Had he not been elevated to the Supreme Court this month, Justice Nagappan would have retired in the first week of October this year. “My pension papers were getting ready and I was preparing to retire next month. But the ‘Mahaprabhu’ (Referring to Lord Jagannath of Puri) decided that I should serve the people for another three years”, Justice Nagappan said here in his farewell speech.

With the elevation of Justice Nagappan, the Bench of the Supreme Court would now have three former Chief Justices and two former Judges of Orissa High Court. Justices S B Chouhan and V Gopala Gowda made their ways to the Apex Court after serving here as Chief Justices.