A stray wild elephant created havoc at Kaliapalli and Mansurkota near Chatrapur in Ganjam district on Monday morning.


Villagers of Mansurkota were panicked when the wild elephant strayed into their at around 7 am. The wild tusker attacked and injured Paratap Das (28). On receipt of information the forest officials rushed to the spot and shooed away the pachyderm from the vicinity of human habitat.

When contacted Berhampur Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) A.K.Jena said the elephant was in the dense vegetation near Kaliapalli village and the forest officials were keeping a watch on it.

Efforts to drive away the elephant towards jungle would be initiated during night.

First step

First step would be to make the elephant cross the Rushikulya river during its return journey.

It had crossed the dry river bed during night to reach the human habitat. Forest officials suspect the tusker is one of the two stray young elephants that had reached near Berhampur in November last year.