A wild tiger, which has been roaming on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, has walked into Nandankanan Zoological Park bringing respite for wildlife wing of the State Forest Department.

The tiger, aged around seven years and a full grown feline, was detected through camera while entering into White Tiger Safari of the zoo.

Terming the event a rare one, zoo director Sudarshan Panda said, the CCTV footage clearly showed that the tiger walking through the gate and entering the safari where it had settled as of now.

“For the first time, a wild tiger possibly walked into a zoo in the country,” Mr. Panda pointed.

A week ago, people in the zoo became suspicious about movement of a tiger inside zoo area after coming across its pugmarks. Subsequently, they intensified surveillance and installed camera to detect movement of the tiger.

On Monday midnight, tiger entered the safari through the emergency gate of safari, which was claimed to be kept open for facilitating entry of tiger. For past several months, the tiger that was initially suspected to be female had kept the authorities on toe. Its pugmarks were detected on outskirts of several villages nearer to Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary.

Deputy Director of the zoo Chitta Ranjan Mishra said on April 22, the tiger was believed to have strayed inside the territory of the Zoo.

The tiger was wandering near the enclosure of tigress ‘Sara’.

“We believe it may have been attracted by the female. Since the enclosure is located close to the safari, we decided to keep a watch on it and opened the emergency gate,” Deputy Director Chitta Ranjan Mishra said.

The zoo authorities had nervous moments on Sunday night when the wild tiger had walked into the safari and walked out.