Special Correspondent

JAIPUR: The mood was sombre at the residence of former Vice-President Bhairon Singh Shekahwat when former External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh visited the place with a group of supporters on Tuesday afternoon. The grim-faced Mr. Jaswant Singh lit up only when the media asked him about the business his controversial book “Jinnah: India Partition Independence” is generating.

“It is selling very well. The book is getting very good response in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well,” Mr. Singh said.

He said the book was getting ready for publication in five more languages—Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Gujarati and Marathi. “The Oxford University Press is bringing it out in Pakistan,” he added. There was no immediate plan for a paperback edition of the book, he said, adding, “The book is selling well in hardback itself. That is why.”

Mr. Singh said he had no regrets over writing the book which led to so much hullabaloo in general and trouble for him in particular. “The very word ‘regret’ is derogatory in this context. Why should I regret? They should regret who acted in great haste even without reading the book,” he asserted.