Special Correspondent

KOLKATA: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is working for “a non-Congress, non-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) dispensation at the Centre” depending on the outcome of the coming Lok Sabha elections. For this, it will adopt an electoral platform aiming to defeat both the parties, Prakash Karat, CPI(M) general secretary said after a three-day meeting of the party’s central committee here on Tuesday.

Asked whether Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati will be the Prime Ministerial candidate of such a dispensation, he told journalists that “the BSP is an important party and its leader will be one of those who will be taken into consideration.”

“I am sure that the various political parties to be involved will consider all possible options,” Mr. Karat added.

The CPI(M) leadership has decided that for the Lok Sabha polls “it will adopt an electoral platform aiming to defeat the BJP, which is a communal party advocating reactionary economic policies, and for the rejection of the Congress, that is forging a strategic alliance with the United States and pursuing anti-people policies,” he said.

“We will try to mobilise various non-BJP, non-Congress parties to work with us in the coming Lok Sabha elections,” Mr Karat said.

Though the party had not yet worked out any seat adjustments for the Assembly polls to be held in six States, specific electoral tactics to be pursued in various States were discussed by the central committee that gave a direction for election preparations, Mr. Karat said.

As the electoral tactics were being worked out “we will together project something that will come subsequently” following arrangements with other political parties, he said, referring to the dispensation to be worked on at the Centre.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government was going “full steam ahead with the strategic alliance with the U.S. and through the India-U.S. nuclear deal the U.S. Congress has ensured that India is bound hand and foot to U.S. interests without getting any returns for it,” Mr. Karat asserted.

He spoke of the need to revive the debate on restructuring Centre-State relations. The CPI(M) will be finalising a document in this regard and sending it to all political parties “as all parties that are running state governments face a common problem.”