It will enable the needy to locate a voluntary donor

First website in Orissa to promote blood donation and interlink voluntary blood donors of the State was launched on Saturday.

This website ‘' has been established by the Association of Voluntary Blood Donors (AVBD) of the State . It was formally inaugurated by the Berhampur sub-collector Ajit Mishra at the headquarters of the AVBD in the city. Secretary of AVBD J.Suresh said it was first of its kind website on the State- aimed at uniting the regular blood donors of Orissa especially the Internet savvy younger generation.

The AVBD has urged all regular voluntary blood donors of the State to get themselves registered in the website so that it could become a data base for them at a time when they are in need. The registered blood donors would be able to contact directly with the other voluntary blood donors near them at the time of need of blood for a patient. This website would also keep track of voluntary blood donation of its registered members. In case of male blood donors their names would be available for others only after 90 days of their last blood donation and in case of women it will be after six months of last blood donation. But all registered members are to donate blood at least once in a year to continue as member.

Mr. Suresh said this website would help a person to locate a voluntary blood donor of needed blood group in any particular area in case of need. This would save time and life of many. He added that their next move would be to build up a separate platform for Rh negative persons and persons with rare blood group. “In case of need it is really hard to locate AB+ donors and extremely hard to get AB- donors in case of need. So, this website within few months would help people with rare groups develop friendship with persons of their own blood group in their area as they can prove to be life savers for them”, he added.

This website would also highlight and publicise various activities related to blood donation and blood donation camps. This website is part of efforts being taken up in Orisa to make it cent per cent blood donor State by the end of 2012. At present only a few states in the country like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal and Tripura are hundred per cent blood donor states. Due to ample amount of voluntary blood donation in these states any patient can get required blood from the blood banks without the compulsion to arrange a replacement donor. The AVBD aims to make Orissa such a State.