At last Sri Lanka has won the war against Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) by eliminating its supremo Vellupillai Prabhakaran and all the main heads of that organisation and it took nearly 35 years.

The dream of separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka is not fulfilled due to Prabhakaran’s own gross mistakes.

He has chosen the path of violence and believed in the gun and bloodshed.

By killing a Jafana Mayor in the tender age of 22 and indulging in suicide attacks till his end he eliminated every person or organisation who has opposed him.

He may be a good in his mission but the way he executed it is not at all justified.

Not only he, his entire family and innocent people have paid a heavy price for his deeds, which is perhaps one of the most dreaded guerilla organisations in the world.

First the LTTE fought with the Sri Lankan army with guerilla warfare and later fought as most conventional army occupying one third of the land.

His biggest mistake perhaps was planning and ordering the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India by which he lost the sympathy of Government of India and Tamil Nadu politicians and people of this country, which is the starting point of the fall of his kingdom of violence.

S. R. Krishna


Real picture

After elections everybody is praising Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Industrialisation, his biggest poll plank, fell flat when not a single big project took off.

By distributing Rs. 2-per-kg rice among poor, he made them lazy.

In the process, the present leadership killed the quality of being resilient among poorer section of society.

The richness of the coffers has much to do with rise in demand for different ores in international market. But it is not a sustained source of income for the State.

At one point of time, the demand is bound to fall.

Giving salary as per Sixth Pay Commission to government employees is not voluntary on the part of Mr. Patnaik. If we take the electrification programme, only two to three per cent of total habitations have been covered. Similarly, his tall claim of extending irrigation to 35 per cent of State would take another 50 years for fruition.

Pragyan Paramita


Commercialisation of education

The English medium schools finally buckled under tough stand taken by Orissa High Court on fee issue.

The private schools had made all preparations to make education unreachable to lower middle class and poorer segment of society.

I hope the court would pronounce a verdict which would enable poor people to give their children good education. Commercialisation of education must stop here. Either government should change its way of imparting education or handover management to private concerned to ensure that everybody gets quality education.

Pravat Mishra