Inhabitants of Bajarguma village in Ganjam district did an exemplary job by deciding to collectively adopt two small children who had been deserted by their unidentified parents.

Both of them were boys. One of them was three-years-old while the other was only nine-months-old. On May 9, both of them were found near Bajarguma village under Choudhuri Tikarpada panchayat of Digapahandi block. After rescuing the two children the villagers had sheltered these two children.

When Childline authorities and the police had tried to take possession of these two children, the villagers had protested. They had claimed that they could provide better care and grooming to these children than any orphanage where they may be kept.

Meanwhile, the villagers also tried to legalise the adoption process of these two children. At a meeting held at the village, the inhabitants decided to collectively contribute for the upbringing of both these children. It was decided that one after the other families of the village would contribute Rs.100 towards daily expenditure of these children. This village has 150 families. An account has been opened in Khariaguda branch of a bank for deposit of this collected amount.

Former sarpanch of the area Raghunath Patra has also donated land worth Rs. 4 lakh in the name of these two deserted children. Speaking to The Hindu , Mr. Patra said he has also decided to bear the cost of education of these two children in the local village school in future.

Family of Kailash Adhikari has kept the elder child while the younger one is with the family of Dasa Adhikari . Money towards daily expenditure of these children would be paid to these families. It was decided that the whole village would monitor their upbringing.

When contacted, the coordinator of Berhampur Childline, Prabhuprasad Patra said keeping in view the future of these two children and love of villagers towards them they have decided to keep the children at the village. Under the guidance of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Ganjam district, the Childline supervised the whole process and has regularised the adoption process of the children by the villagers.