Representatives of gramrakshis or village guards from Maoist-infested areas of undivided Koraput district deferred their mass resignation after holding discussion with Deputy Inspector-General (DIG) of Police, south-west range S.Devadutta Singh on Tuesday.

These representatives of gramrakshis got together at Nisanimunda to discuss their future course of action following recent murders in Maoist-infested areas. Around 150 gramrakshis got together at this meeting which was also attended by general secretary of Nikhila Utkala Gram Rakkhi Sangh, Fakir Mohan Mallik.

After their meeting the gramrakshis took out a rally and met the DIG regarding their demands. They had three demands. They demanded a compensation of Rs 10 lakh for family members of village guards martyred by Maoists.

They wanted Rs 10,000 for funeral of killed village guards and job for one family member of the killed person.

The DIG said now also family members of murdered village guards were also entitled to a compensation of Rs 10 lakh.

They were entitled to Rs 5 lakh as ex gratia payment and Rs 5 lakh as insurance amount.

It may be noted that most of the village guards who work in remote Maoist-infested areas were ignorant about this compensation scheme in case of death due to Maoist violence.

Regarding the other two demands, the DIG said he had sent these demands to the State government for perusal.

These village guards were a worried lot as during past few months there had been a surge in murder of soft targets by the Maoists.

 In September nine persons including two village guards had been kidnapped by Maoists from the cut-off area of Chitrakonda reservoir in Malkangiri district.

The two gramrakshis were murdered and their bodies were found near Pansaput on Sept 25. Bhagaban Nayak, a gramrakshi of Giriput village under Baipariguda police station limits of Koraput district had been allegedly abducted by Maoists.

His bullet-ridden body was recovered near Majhiguda on Oct 18 morning. Goura Chandra Dalai, the gramrakshi of Dasmantpur village of Baipariguda block had been shot dead by the ultras on Nov 23 night.

Panic-stuck village guards due to their ignorance had thought that government had no compensation scheme for them although they were soft targets for the Maoists.

More than 30 gramrakshis of Baipariguda block had also threatened to resign.

“If our demands are not fulfilled by the State government we village guards may take up State wide agitation in future,” said Mr Mallik.

  • They discuss their future course of action following recent murders in Maoist-infested areas

  • They hold discussion with Deputy Inspector-General of Police, south-west range