Kabir Suman says Chief Minister knew of his leanings

Controversial Trinamool Congress MP Kabir Suman, who earned the wrath of party supremo Mamata Banerjee for supporting the Maoist cause, has claimed she all along knew of his leanings.

“I came to know that she (Mamata) said she had no idea that I am a supporter of extremists. She also said she can sack me in just one second but she refrained from doing so because in that case I will get an opportunity,” the MP posted on his website.

Mr. Suman, who was elected from the Jadavpore Lok Sabha constituency, went on: “Just as you could not ascertain that I am an extremist, I too could not realise many things. If I had the vision and the mental power, I could have realised that.”

On the same website, the MP, who is a popular singer as well, uploaded a song titled ‘Hero' penned and sung by him eulogising late Maoist leader Kishenji without naming him.

He uploaded another song, this time praising Jagori Baskey, another Maoist guerrilla fighter, who had surrendered to the authorities recently.

A challenge

In a rebuttal of Ms. Mamata's comment that it was a “mistake” on her part to have nominated him as a party candidate, Mr. Suman threw a challenge to her in a 14-page document posted on his website: “Let her expel me. I had communicated to her some months ago over telephone that I will keep myself off if she asks me so. Before that, after some differences with her on my composition of songs on Chhatradhar Mahato (leader of Maoist-backed PCAPA) in Jangalmahal, I informed her that I am not an MP of any political party, I am Suman first.” - PTI