Summer months witness rise in use of plastic, which ultimately finds its way into the drains

Summer months have increased the use of plastic throughout the city. This may prove to be major hindrance in smooth flow of drainage water when monsoon rains arrive in a few weeks from now.

One of major reasons for increase in use of plastic is rise is consumption of drinking water and cool drinks sold in plastic pouches and disposable glasses.

Officials of the Berhampur Municipal Corporation too concur on the issue.

Large dumps of used drinking water pouches and disposable glasses are seen in front of roadside kiosks. Most of them reach the nearby drains. These non-biodegradable material is the major cause behind clogging of drains.

In 2007, the corporation had come up with a directive that all shops and eateries should have dustbins in front of their units for collecting the waste. The corporation had also threatened to impose a penalty if the directive was not adhered to.

With the directive not being enforced, plastic garbage is reaching the drains.

Similarly, to curb plastic pollution, the corporation imposed restrictions on sale of drinking water pouches. This was also not strictly adhered to.

In this water scarce city, drinking water pouches are sold in large numbers during summer. Along with it, sale of different types of sweetened drinks in disposable glasses also increases.

“The city’s sewerage system gets clogged by this plastic waste as the BMC has failed to implement its own directives,” said Manoj Patnaik, former general secretary of Ganjam Bar Association.

Marriage feasts are also organised in large number during summer months. They also generate a large number of disposable Thermocol plates, cups and glasses, a portion of which reaches the drains.

According to Commissioner of BMC Ajit Mishra, the problem of solid waste would be eradicated completely once the comprehensive solid waste management project gets implemented. The project is scheduled to be completed by July 2014.

  • Large dumps of used water pouches and disposable glasses are seen at roadside kiosks

  • Owners of shops and eateries pay a deaf ear to municipal corporation’s directives