KORAPUT: He does not indulge in `Gandhigiri' to spread the Gandhian thought. He does not preach with long speeches neither wears a `Gandhi cap' like the politicians. But stands like a statue of Mahatma Gandhi on streets. T. Ramakrishna from Rajamundry painted with silvery varnish on the entire body was at Koraput today posing in front of the public of Koraput. He said he was not begging but exhibiting his art to the people . He had never opened his mouth to beg money from the people. People in response to his patient standing offer some money in front which he accepts gracefully, he said. He was satisfied with the gesture and was continuing his journey all over the country for the past 13 years, the longest standing being in front of the Indian Parliament at Delhi where he stood for 42 hours at a stretch, he said. By looking at the human statue posing as Gandhiji it might so happen that Gandhi would be realised with every action in the society, he said.