In yet another shocking incident, properties worth over Rs. 2 lakh were found missing from the famous Heritage Hall of Ravenshaw University here on Monday morning.

University sources said two laptops, amplifiers, and other public address system equipments were found missing from the high security hall when it was opened on Monday morning. The hall was closed for last four days after a drama was staged here on April 12 by the University dramatic society.

What is more baffling that such incidents of theft have now become a routine affair even as the university campus is fortified by private security personnel numbering nearly 50 who are providing round-the-clock security.

Last year, computer accessories worth over Rs. 5 lakhs went missing from the Kanika Library of the University and the ugly incident was repeated earlier this year when one more computer went missing from the University Students' Union office, sources said. It is also equally surprising that the local police too have failed in solving any one of the earlier theft incidents even as the FIRs were registered in local Malgodown police station.