Staff Reporter

BERHAMPUR: Amateur theatre can be a catalyst for personality development for children and youth.

With this aim in mind the A.R.Cultural League of the city is organising theatre workshops for children and youth. This organization held a 15-day theatre workshop for the youth in the city. This workshop culminated in enactment of the play ‘Gandhi Park’ in the cultural festival, Natyashree Mela 2009.

Director Amulya Ranjan Sahu led the workshop. According to him acting on stage could provide necessary confidence to a youth to face the world. Eradication of fear of stage and audience was the first step towards learning of acting. This workshop was held at Bhanja Mandap auditorium.

The participants of the workshop, Trilochan Mohanty, Trinath Moharana and Rajgopal Padhi said during this workshop they tried to train their body, mind and intellect.

There were also theory classes about the grammar of acting and the syntax of stage performance. The oratory skills were also enhanced through corrections in tonal modulations and pronunciations.

They were also taught breath control for stamina during acting on stage. Proper gait and adaptation of the body to different types of clothing both traditional and modern was also part of the training.