Mishap plays a role in the bizarre turn of events

In the first road movie in Bengali where a mishap plays a role in the bizarre turn of events, popular director Raj Chakraborty has introduced not-so-old actors in ‘Bojhe na se Bojhe na’ to make it youth-centric.

“As the film mirrors the journey of life, love, career, ambitions, little dreams and frustrations and an accident which brings in changes in the relationships, all happening on road, it is called a road movie, not in the league of Chalte Chalte but more suffused with the typical Bengali idiosyncracies,” Raj Chakraborty said before the special screening of the film here on Saturday night.

Actor Abir Chatterjee, who played one of the important male leads in the movie, said, “It is the first road film in its true sense in Bengali, and having commonplace characters and places we are familiar with. As for my role in the movie, I find many such characters in real life.”

Popular Hindi serial actor Payel Sarkar, having turned up in a number of Bengali film projects in recent times, said, “The role of a girl, meritorious in her studies but very simple and down to earth as like any girl nextdoor, was the one very different from the role of Rani Mukerji in the Hindi movie you talked about. I am a contemporary but a little conservative girl, but again fully trusting a boy who escorted her in a strange city. To my knowledge the film is different from any previous Bengali flicks, where life begins, ends on road but the journey continues.”

“Having introduced elements like dating at coffee shop, sipping cappuccino, while showing present day relationship is not all about desperate live-ins, I have sought to show that there is a quaint traditional Bengaliness in all of us which make us rooted,” Raj Chakraborty said about the movie produced by Venkatesh films. - PTI