Agra: Two days after the death of a member of a religious sect, the situation continued to remain tense in some parts of Agra on Monday. Scores of families in Sikandarpur and Lal Garhi areas of Agra have reportedly fled following violent clashes between villagers and Satsangis of the Radhasoami faith on December 22.

Meanwhile, the official team constituted by District Magistrate M. K. Narayan held several rounds of inconclusive talks with the villagers and the Radhasoami Satsangis.

The villagers also threatened to call a meeting of all village councils or mahapanchayat. The Satsangis have demanded the immediate arrest of the killers of a Satsangi, Gurusaran Kake, who died of injuries on Saturday.


In the cross fire between the two sides six days ago, dozens of people, including Kake, were injured. Later both sides filed FIRs against the other.

The headquarters of the Radhasoami faith in Dayalbagh area of the city has turned into a battlefield with the villagers and the Satsangis locked in a war over land acquisition. Additional companies of the Public Armed Constabulary and Rapid Action Force are keeping vigil to prevent futher flare-ups.

A few kilometres away from the battle zone, devotees of the Radhasoami faith continue to pour in at the shrine, a mausoleum of Huzur Maharaj, the founder of the sect. --PTI