Telugu populace and organisations of Odisha have expressed their protest against proposed division of Andhra Pradesh.

All Telugu organisations of Berhampur joined hands with the Andhra Bhashabhivardhani Samajam (ABS), which organised a meeting at ABS Auditorium on Sunday to express solidarity to the people of Andhra Pradesh who want to keep their Sate united.

According to coordinator of this meeting, P. Satyanarayana, Telugu organisations from other parts of the State have also expressed their solidarity to this protest against proposed division of Andhra Pradesh by Telugus living in Odisha. Representatives of Telugu community living in Khurda and Paralakhemundi also attended this meeting in support of united Andhra Pradesh.

The speakers at the meeting said they were hurt by the proposal to divide Andhra Pradesh. They said it was an attempt to split down Telugu Talli, the mother of Telugu community.

They said they would extend all support to the movement continuing in Andhra Pradesh to keep the State united.

Mr Satyanarayana said division of a State formed because of linguistic identity was an irony.

They express solidarity to the movement in Andhra Pradesh to keep the State united