With the summer season reaching its peak, many wells are drying up, thanks to a number of borewells being dug up everywhere with the government hardly taking any action against these activities. There is no doubt that groundwater is decreasing at an alarming rate. And, if precautions are not taken it will be difficult to handle.

To recharge the groundwater more open areas have to be left and, if necessary, stringent action should be taken against those who violate the norm. Canals like Daya and Bhargavi are to be made functional in the summer days which obviously helps recharge groundwater.

On the other hand, some people from water supply department entertain all sorts of illegal supply to many households and even smaller business institutions at a meagre amount bringing huge loss to the government exchequer. It is high time the government realise all such activities and take stringent action.

Bijay Mishra


Support small parties

The countdown has started for the counting following which the fate of the contesting candidates in the recently-held elections will be known.

In the meantime, wooing of small and regional parties by the national parties has been started and both Congress and the BJP are trying to attract the other leaders to gain support to form the government at the Centre, perhaps they have realised that they will not gain sufficient seats to form the government on its own.

The Rahul Gandhi’s appreciation to Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu is nothing but to bring them into the United Progressive Alliance’s fold in the name is secularism and efforts to attract the Jaya into its fold is a part of it.

But Mr. Rahul has forgotten to mention the name of Navin Patnaik who is neither in the UPA nor in the NDA and in the third front.

Instead of wooing others and as an experiment basis it will be better if both the Congress and the BJP sit in the opposition and support smaller parties and Prakash Karat’s view is in this regard is appreciable.

S.R. Krishna


Time for worship

The rate of pilgrimage seems to have gone up with May 16, announcement of election results, nearing. While many politicians have gone to different holy towns, others have involved them in worship.

It is a common belief that the extra efforts in worshiping would reverse the fate in one’s favour. There are many names in Orissa politics those regularly seek help from super natural power to remain in power. Since this election has given a big gap between poll day and announcement of results, these activities have gone up manifold.

Amaresh Pradhan