Staff Reporter

PUDUCHERRY: Accepting three private member resolutions on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, the territorial Assembly adopted a government resolution asking the Centre to take appropriate measures to protect fishermen belonging to Tamil Nadu and Puducherry from attacks by the Sri Lankan Navy, on Monday.

In the resolution, Chief Minister V. Vaithilingam expressed grief at the attacks on Sri Lankan Tamils.

“Peace should be established through political solution to the problems there. Measures to provide food, clothes and medicines for the affected and displaced Sri Lankan Tamils should be taken,” he said.

Members of Legislative Assembly S.P. Sivakumar (DMK), R.K.R. Anantharaman (PMK) and P.R. Siva (MDMK) moved the private member resolutions which were converted into a government resolution and adopted during the Assembly session.

In his resolution, Mr. Sivakumar urged the Centre to stop supply of weapons to the Sri Lankan Army and come up with a permanent solution to protect fishermen from attacks, while Mr. Anantharaman called for measures on war footing to protect Sri Lankan Tamils.