BHUBANESWAR: Seems winning honours and setting up records have been a way of life for the internationally acclaimed Indian sand sculptor Sudarsan Patnaik. He is set to figure in the forthcoming edition of the Limca Book of World Records for the fourth time.

First, it was in 2006 for world’s longest Santa Claus. Next, it was the biggest sand replica of Jesus Christ in 2007. 2008 saw him figure in the record for being the first Indian to create the largest number of sand sculptures. And now, for winning the United Sand Festivals (USF) World Double Championship held on June 5 last.

The record

The master sculptor, who was instrumental in gaining global recognition for this 700-year-old sand art tradition of Puri, reserved the record by creating a 25-foot-high sand sculpture on Global Warming. It depicted a polar bear on top of a globe praying for the safety of his family. Twelve nations had participated in the championship.

Limca Book of Records editor Vijaya Ghosh conformed this news to me, said Sudarsan.

The special edition of the Limca Book of Records published last year - India Extraordinaire: 60 years, 60 luminaries – also described Sudarsan as one of most accomplished Indians to do the nation proud.

The Puri-based artist has already participated in 36 international sand sculpture championships and has won maximum number of honours for the nation.