Staff Reporter

PUDUCHERRY: Suggesting policy-level changes to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, Rules 1995, former Judge of the Madras High Court David Annusamy on Saturday said that the attitude of people should change and education on human rights was vital to spread the message of equality.

At a round table consultation on the Act, its implementation and policy-level changes, organised by Madurai-based organisation ‘Evidence,’ he said all problems faced by the SCs/STs could not be solved through the intervention of police and judiciary.

“Children belonging to SCs/STs should be educated. Education is the basic fundamental right as per the Constitution. It is also the fundamental duty of parents to send their children to schools. Special coaching in the evening or during holidays for the children should be organised,” Mr. Annusamy said.

With untouchability still existing in schools and hospitals, he said people from the marginalised sections go to government schools and hospitals alone. “Action should be taken against those who practice untouchability and such incidents should be prevented,” he said.

On complaints wherein public prosecutors did not handle cases under the Act with responsibility, he said public prosecutors from SCs/STs should be appointed to handle such cases.

Mr. Annusamy said that key aspects of the Act should be printed and distributed to people to enable easy understanding of the Act