KORAPUT: Wood is more precious than steel for the continuous degradation of forest cover in the region, Rama Chandra Sahu, architect of the steel chariot of Khatiguda in Nabarangpur district feels.

While the three Lords Jagannath and Balabhadra and Subhadra would travel to Sri Gundicha temple sitting in the chariots made by wood on Friday, people in Khatiguda will pull the steel chariot as a matter of practice being adopted for the last five years, Prithvi Paikray, a local resident said. The chariot was designed by Rama Chandra Sahu , an engineer in 2001 and it had replaced the earlier wooden chariot since then, he added.The steel chariot does not face the problem of arranging new pieces every year even for maintenance . However, the height of the steel chariot has been reduced to 40 ft. from the earlier height of 52ft.