State Left Front Committee chairman Biman Bose said here on Thursday that the Trinamool Congress government will have to take the responsibility if the rural polls in the State are not held as per schedule.

Commenting on the ongoing standoff between the State Government and the State Election Commission, Mr Bose told journalists that panchayat elections in West Bengal were held seven times during the regime of the Left front governments but such a situation had never occurred in the past.

“If the panachayat elections are not held as per schedule, the people of the State are not responsible for it and the Left Front cannot be blamed also,” Mr Bose said, adding that the Left Front wants free and fair polls held as per schedule in the State.

While questions are being raised whether the first phase on April 26 will be held as per schedule, all-India general secretary of the Trinamool Congress Mukul Roy said that there is no crisis and there is still time for the State Election Commission to issue the final notification for the polls.

“The State Government has not transgressed its Constitutional boundary even by a single step,” Mr Roy said, adding that he hopes that other Constitutional bodies also remain within their legal jurisdiction.

“As the largest political party in the State we would urge the Constitutional bodies to work within the powers provided to them by the Constitution to ensure that democratic traditions are maintained,” he said.

  On State Election Commissioner Mira Pande meeting Governor M. K. Narayanan he said that as the Constitutional head of the State he can be approached by anyone.

“The Trinamool Congress is prepared to fight the elections whether they are held today or tomorrow, with the deployment of State police, military or even forces form the Interpol. The party’s success in polls will exceed all expectations,” Mr Roy said.

Stating that “superintendence, direction and control” of the rural polls as per the Constitution will rest with the State Election Commission only when it issues a notification for the panchayat elections, Mr Roy added that no such notification has been issued so far.

He also tried to downplay the standoff between the State Government and the Commission, saying he does not see any conflict between the two.