The State government here on Tuesday confirmed death of about eight children in Taberu village, a remote village in the cut-off region of Malkangiri district, within a month period.

The Health and Family Welfare Department, however, dismissed the allegations that children died from measles.

The first medical team, which was rushed to the affected village on Monday, returned on Tuesday. According to the State health control room report, “between April 17 and May 13 this year, as many as 10 persons have died in Taberu village and of total victims, eight are children in the age group of one to four years.”

“Preliminary symptoms suggested that most of the victims died due to acute respiratory infection, high fever and dysentery. Necessary medicines were administered to 29 other affected persons in the village,” said C. S. Prabhakar, Chief District Medical Officer of Malkangiri, over phone.

Dr. Prabhakar said two health workers were stationed there to keep watch on the situation and instructed to communicate to headquarters as earliest possible in the event of emergency.

Taberu, which is situated close to Andhra Pradesh border in the cut-off region of Malkangiri district, is an extremely remote area.

One has to travel 60 km by boat on a dangerous water route and trek 15 km dense forested hilly area to reach Taberu.

The medical team had left for the village on Monday morning and came back to mainland on Tuesday afternoon.

The village has 62 families with total population enumerated to be around 250. Accessing safe drinking water is a dream for its inhabitants.

“Villagers collect water for drinking water by digging shallow well. This could be the main reason behind high rate of fever and other infections.

Five persons tested Malaria positive in the check-up conducted by medical team that went there,” said Malkangiri CDMO.

Dr. Prabhakar said situation was under control and residents were advised to stay clean for preventing spread of any infection