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Closure necessary to check violence: academicians

Students seek Governor’s intervention to end the stalemate

Authorities show the door to outsiders staying in hostel of Vani Vihar campus

BHUBANESWAR: Closing institutions seems to be order of the day with authorities finding it easiest way to control students’ unrest. Now, Utkal University and two engineering colleges in the city have been closed .

About 10 days ago when two groups of students on campus of Utkal University came in confrontation, authorities did not delay an hour and asked the students to vacate campus immediately.

Despite repeated demands from students, the University is yet to be reopened.

Similar was situation with two engineering colleges -- College of Engineering Bhubaneswar, (CEB) and Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology.

No alternative

Although academicians do not prefer to close institutions , they say at times there will be no alternative, but to arrest violence and damage of public property.

“It depends on gravity of the situation. If the unrest had potential to damage college or university properties in large scale, then sudden closure is needed. But it should not exceed more than a week,” said Rita Ray, Chairperson of PG Council, Utkal University.

She was supported by Vice-Chancellor of Orissa University of Agriculture Technology Professor D. P. Ray. He said in the first place authorities should talk to students and know their demands while closing sine die should be the last resort.

“It is duty of dean or students welfare officer to know the pulse. We must try to solve problem as quickly as possible. Because closure would disturb academic session and future plans of many students,” OUAT Vice-Chancellor said.

Anadi Charan Majhi, a student leader of Utkal University, said students had approached Governor seeking his intervention to lift stalemate.

He said university authorities should be blamed for the present state-of-the-affairs as they never bothered to know what students wanted.

Meanwhile, Utkal University authority started ousting non-students staying in hostel of Vani Vihar campus.

According to the PG council chairperson, they were the biggest nuisance on campus and polluting the atmosphere.