The festival aims at giving a boost to cultural tourism

The stage is set for the second annual Gotipua dance festival at Rabindra Mandap here commencing on Thursday. The three-day event is being organised by the State-owned Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra Odissi Research Centre (GKCMORC) in association with the Departments of Tourism and Culture.

The hosts informed that the inaugural evening shall showcase performances by Dasabhuja Gotipua Odissi Nrutya Parishad of the heritage village of Raghurajpur followed by Abhinna Sunder Gotipua Nrutya Parishad of the same village and Konark Natya Mandap, Konark.

Friday shall showcase Nakshyatra Gurukula of Guadia village near Brahmagiri in Puri district followed by Chandrasekhar Gotipua Kala Sansad of Dimirisena village, Brahmagiri, Nilakantheswar Gotipua Gurukula Dance Academy of Ghatakudi village, Brahmagiri and Aradhana Dance Akademi of Kandagoda village, Brahmagiri.

The concluding evening on Saturday shall have performances by troupes of Natyambara, Dimirisena village from Brahmagiri region, Odisha Dance Akademi, Bhubaneswar’s Gotipua Gurukul from Dhauli and Laxmipriya Gotipua Nrutya Kendra of Indolakusiary, Balipatna, they added.

The festival attempts to provide patronage to the age-old and unique dance tradition of Gotipua that was being marginalised due to lack of adequate support from the society. At the same time, the festival also aims at giving a boost to the cultural tourism of the State, explained GKCMORC chief executive Ramahari Das.

The dates of the festival have been fixed from November 15 to 17 every year; he informed and added that performances apart, seminars and lecture demonstrations also form an integral part of the event.