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View female foeticide issue impartially, says medical association

BHUBANESWAR: A fortnight after a doctor was taken into custody by the Crime Branch of State police for his alleged involvement in female foeticide case, the Orissa Medical Service Association (OMSA) has denounced the action.

Doctors were singled out in the foeticide cases, said H.B. Routray, secretary of OMSA’s Bhubaneswar branch, while addressing a press conference on Wednesday.

The OMSA was particularly concerned over the manner in which the Additional District Medical Officer of Capital Hospital Sudhir Brahma was taken away by the Crime Branch sleuths in full public view.

Matter of concern

“Dr. Brahma is not a criminal. He is a professional and he is doing his duty. The way he was heckled is a matter of concern for us. We condemn the action,” Dr. Routray said.

He said nobody lodged any complaint against him. Yet, he was forced to go in a police jeep like a criminal.

“If the government is taking the issue seriously, why other offenders such as parents and unwed mothers are allowed to go scot-free?” he questioned.

Stating that the issue should be viewed impartially, Dr. Routray said if doctors did not pay heed to helpless parents, they would go to quacks, who would conduct abortion and put the woman to risk.

Since the matter was sub-judice, the association was refraining itself from taking any pro-active action on the arrest of Dr. Brahma, he said.

After a number of female foeticide cases were detected across the State, particularly in Nayagarh district, the government handed over the matter to the Crime Branch, which said that it was looking for several more doctors who were suspected to be involved in the issue.