Expressing displeasure over allegations of rampant malpractice in technical institutions, the State government has decided to make use of close circuit television compulsory in semester examinations.

“To detect the instance of malpractice during the examination, installation of CCTV be made compulsory in all examination centres of Biju Patnaik University of Technology,” says an order issued by Employment and Technical Education and Training (ETET) department recently.

Moreover, BPUT Vice Chancellor should also ensure provision of CCTV in all the examination centres before declaring an institution an examination centre and the recording of CCTV be transmitted to university at the end of a semester examination for verification, said ETET department.

The decision of the government came in the wake of allegations that in some institutions the examinations are not conducted in a fair and transparent manner, thus affecting the quality in education particularly in excellence in technical education.

This year the State government has also decided to use CCTV in joint entrance examinations for admission into professional courses like engineering, medical and business administration. Opening of question paper packets and sealing of answer sheets would be video-recorded to do away with any apprehensions on transparency of examination process.

“Principals and superintendent of examination of colleges where examination centres are located be intimated on their duties and functions under the provisions of existing law failing which necessary disciplinary action should be initiated against the colleges for de-affiliating them from the university,” says the departmental directive.

“If anyone fails to adhere to legal provisions meticulously, he or she will be taken to task by the appropriate authority under the provisions of the Odisha Conduct of Examination Act, 1988.”

Besides, if irregularities in conducting examination are found in any manner in an institution then the same would be debarred from conducting examination henceforth and the status of the examination centre would be withdrawn, ETET department elaborates.