The Outlawed CPI (Maoist) organisation has asked Sabyasachi Panda, who was expelled from the outfit in August 2012, to return cash, goods, and arms of the parent organisation.

It may be noted that Sabyasachi has formed his own outfit Odisha Maovadi Party (OMP) after his expulsion from the CPI (Maoist). He and his group have been cornered in the jungles bordering Ganjam, Gajapati, and Kandhamal districts since November 2012.

The demand for the return of cash, goods and arms of CPI (Maoist) organisation was made by Nikhil, secretary of Ghumusar division of CPI (Maoist) during his interaction with newsmen in Rayagada district.

It may be noted that after expulsion of Sabyasachi, leaders of CPI (Maoist) organisation promoted Nikhil in the areas where Sabyasachi was earlier active.

Nikhil through his press statement alleged that Sabyasachi after his expulsion had taken away around Rs. 60 lakh in cash, goods worth Rs. 40 lakh and 50 guns of CPI (Maoist).

According to Nikhil, if Sabyasachi did not return the money and other items he would have to face wrath of ‘Jan Adalat’ of Maoists. Nikhil alleged that Sabysachi had tried to defame the CPI (Maoist) organisation after he was expelled from it. Nikhil said Sabyasachi aimed at entering electoral politics in future. It may be noted that Sabyasachi was now facing attacks from both the security forces as well as threats of cadres of CPI (Maoist) organisation. Sabyasachi’s differences with Nikhil were not new. It had come to the fore before Sabyasachi was expelled from the CPI (Maoist).

Statement war

The CPI (Maoist) had decided to make Nikhil head of the Bansadhara Division of Maoist which was once headed by Sabyasachi. Sabyasachi had come up with an audio statement against Nikhil. Sabyasachi had on his own declared his close associate Pradeep to be the head of Bansadhara Division of Maoists. A statement war had started between Nikhil and Pradeep backed by Sabysachi, who claimed to be leaders of Bansadhra Division of outlawed CPI (Maoist) organisation. Expulsion of Sabyasachi from the CPI (Maoist) had come up after that.

The OMP leader asked to return cash and goods of the parent organisation